Jonathan Minard was born in 1985 in Boston Massachusetts, and currently lives and works in Greenpoint, a neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. 


twitter: @deepspeedmedia

m: 617 416 0778


Jonathan Minard's films, both documentary and science fiction, examine our dreams of the near future, focusing a lens on the relationship between people and technology. How does human nature and the imagination move with the currents of change in our world? 

Starting in 2012, he has produced a series of short documentaries on the history of the Internet called THE INFORMATION AGE. In 2013, he created CLOUDS, a virtual reality film co-directed with James George. CLOUDS premiered at the Sundance New Frontier Festival in 2014 and was awarded Best Interactive Film at the Tribeca Film Festival. Minard is currently a Sloan Fellow at the Sundance Institute, supporting his forthcoming feature film ARCHIVE, co-written with Scott Rashap. Since 2007, he has worked as a filmmaker and researcher developing new techniques for digital storytelling through residencies and fellowships at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, The STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, and the US Fulbright Program in Mongolia.

In 2007 he founded Deepspeed Media, a company committed to producing films that awaken our sense of wonder; what drives humans to explore the farthest, oldest and deepest extremes in pursuit of answers to the most basic questions. We illuminate the subjects of these stories with our own spirit of curiosity, and celebrate that which is enduringly mysterious and unknowable.