Outlandish hypothetical technologies

"Lazars are named after Bob Lazar, that guy from Area 51 who exposed UFOs at the base (supposedly). Despite this, Lazars are not flying saucers but actually a gas-like form of claytronics. How to describe them: Think of a ghost. Not a cheesy "white sheet over your head" ghost you see in cartoons and old movies; I mean like a proto-typical state of matter that's entirely amorphous and seems separated from reality. Or think of a gas, like the vapors from dry ice. That's how I'd describe a Lazar.

In my thoughtwork, one of things I've dwelled on that seems truly out-of-this-world is the existence of a type of ælcorus where a group of people as lazars would come together in some form of cloud (literally a cloud) in a communal harmony (though their bodies wouldn't be entangled with each other; what a mess that would be!), as such could be the closest thing to a higher state of consciousness.  (Lazars can take any shape, humanoid or otherwise), or become balls of light. Wanna go into space? As in bare outer space? Use a lazar.  Can you get too spread out? Yes. Yes you can, but you can reform or pull out of a Lazar at any time if you don't like how crazy things are getting.

That, or they'd just use lazars in haunted houses. Programmable ghosts, amirite?


"Super-light, which I've dubbed the Light of Bæphomet. This is just a type of light that can become visible through solid walls and can pass such information through said walls- already can be done with wireless tech"

"Photosynthetic augs: fusing nano-fuel cells with the technology of solar panels, which could allow for extreme amounts of energy to be derived. This particular variety allows you to take pure radiation and thermal energy and turn it into material and energy for your body, effectively eliminating the need for oral-based consumption. It's still eating. Just eating light. "How mad! Do you actually mean you want to stop people from eating?" 


"Deus Ex gave me a fantastic idea: how to separate consciousness across multiple entities. Perhaps I could be conscious in one place and another at the same time? Kind of like Bot Domination, but with more consciousness to go around. I was kind of leaning in this direction with loopkill already.

On that topic, when it comes to metahumanism,  superconsciousness could be possible to create a transhuman-like being without actually being transhuman. Unless giving more conscious control of your body is transhuman. I figured that this would be how Ælcorus could work in some regards. It's giving you the ability to control emotions and reason and feelings at a much better efficiency so I don't see how it could "take away free will" like that other guy said. If anything, it would grant you even more free will, free from the binds of natural/nurtured development. I never saw how free will is as free as they say if the human mind is as shaped by its environment and its own genetics; metahumanism would give you the chance to push past that, so that sound like true free will to me.

I guess some people think that our current state is as advanced, as free as it could ever possibly be. An ape  would think that it's the greatest it can possibly be, as much as a dog would think its breed is the best it could be. I don't see why us humans wouldn't see it the same way. But we can't really imagine metahumanism because we only have this one consciousness that we're slaves to for life so I can see why we'd think that."