Word processing

After years of reading from the screen and suffering eyestrain -- I once had  perfect vision and then gave myself myopia -- I acquired my first laser jet printer this year. This little guy.  I read a ton of screenplays, and prefer to revise my own work on the page. As much as it pains me to kill trees, there's a great satisfaction in writing and printing. Printing itself now feels like an atavistic impulse toward an industrial process; the mechanical whir of a laser jet, of heat and toner, scorched into bleached paper with a chemical odor. On the other hand, the experience of reading on a physical page feels more human and grounded. Imagine printing the entire internet. Would the paper needed to represent a zettabyte of text decimate the world's forests? Ask a librarian. 

Michael Mandiberg attempted to print all of wikipedia as an artistic gesture (though maybe it's as practical as it is poetic): www.printwikipedia.com. The stark visual of those white hardbound books arranged in rows, containing a fathomless volume of information, boggles the mind.