New York Japan CineFest 2016

I attended the wonderful New York / Japan Cinefest, at the Asia Society recently, which was one of the highest quality short film festivals I have seen, in terms of presentation and curation. 

During the screening, I took notes on my phone capturing imagery and snippets of subtitles dialogue which, for whatever reason, in this particular series, of short films had a poetic resonance. 

"They gave up their lives"

A young girl pulls their stingers from her mother's spine; as she gathers the dead bodies of the honey bees, she tells them "thank you" for sacrificing themselves to cure her mother's muscular sclerosis

The matron of a matcha-making family describes a cup of tea as a creative moment, as you wonder - will it be good? A full bodied, flavorful matcha is a form of happiness.

"When I make dolls of dead people I think about when they were alive. There used to be more people in this town, now there are more dolls; I'll probably live forever"

Kumamoto. I love you

The young are beautifulbut the old are more beautiful than the young.

If you knew this secret, Tomo, you wouldn't be able to stay in kumamoto

Last night I dreamt I turned into a beetle. You were an oak tree dripping sap on me

She's a stranger But...? yeah. She doesn't know who I am. She'll probably spend the rest of the afternoon wondering.

Momentary incidents may remain in others hears for an eternity